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About the event

The Ahimsa Vegan Conference: Jain Voices in Animal Advocacy brings together the complementary worlds of Jain Dharma and animal advocacy, ethics, environmental protection, and veganism. Throughout history, Jains have been at the forefront of promoting ahiṃsā (non- violence) toward the protection and reverence for all life on the planet. This conference will explore the many common roots between Jain philosophy and ethical veganism, animal rights, environmentalism, and social justice. Join us to learn about how the Jain way of life and ethical vegan living can support and nurture each other. This conference is organized by Arihanta Institute, the Jain Vegan Initiative, and Compassionate Living.

Featured Speakers

Ruchika Chitrabhanu
Nirva Patel
Mamta Valderrama
Shaleen Shah


Sponsored by Arihanta Institute, the Jain Vegan Initiative, JAINA's Ahimsak Eco-Vegan Committee, and Compassionate Living


Explore sponsorship opportunities. Please get in touch with study@arihantainstitute.org.